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Why am I blogging?

That is an excellent question to ask myself and I'm sure you are all wondering the same thing. I can't spell, my grammer is the worst, i'm not funny ( well that's just because I'm hilarious, and what do I have to share with the world?

The answer is my father. He told me I should start a blog. When I asked him why? he said "People love struggling stories". 1 week later here I am writing my first blog post.

What's this post about? Nothing really.

What's my blog going to be about? Great question!

Why should I read it? Because you are nosey and want to know what I'm up too.

Also, because you can bet your bottom dollar I will share ups & down with you, I will share recipes, apps, pictures, products that I love, Avon ( of course), events that I'm hosting and who knows what else is going to be shared on these pages ( along with my instagram).

If you are on instagram and aren't following me you can do that now -

If you are following me- Hello :)

Okay, all kidding aside. Let me introduce myself.

My name is Jeannie Petruzzella and I live in New Jersey. Currently, my husband and I are in a one bedroom apartment and hopefully, will be moving to a house soon! Don't worry that process will all be shared.

We currently own a seasonal ice cream store in town. I am also a pre-school aide, a babysitter, an events planner ( very small side gig 1-2 events a year), Avon representative, plan on going back to school in January 2020 for a masters in Education, and now a blogger/influencer. I promise I will go in much more detail about all of this in coming posts.

My super strong husband Michael is a personal trainer and a pro at washing dishes. He teaches group fitness classes and 1 on 1 clients. If you want to follow him and his journey you can on instagram at: or on facebook at -

Together we are navigating life and figuring out as much as we can. To be honest does anyone have it all figured out? I'm so excited to share EVERYTHING with you all and can't wait to see where this blogging takes me.



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