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January 2020

I always loved the feeling of January. Life starts getting back on a routine after the holidays, Christmas clearance is THE BEST THING EVER, and there is just that feeling of a fresh new year that lies ahead of you. Vacations, parties, births, gatherings, and so much more the year can hold.

This January we took my niece out for her first Friendly's trip and her first Sushi ( noodles for her) dinner. I taught my pre-k3 students how to hibernate and work together on puzzles. I created delicious Protein Donuts from No Excuse Nutrition, celebrated a friend's birthday, and got ready for a last-minute trip to Aruba ( more on this in my next post)!

Nothing too out of the ordinary or crazy for this past January. Little did I know the whole world would be turned upside down in a few short weeks. I am keeping very busy during the quarantine. I keep joking that I am so busy I need to go back to work to not be as busy.

Anyways, below you find the recipe for the protein donuts & a picture of how mine came out! If you try to make them don't forget to tag me on Instagram or facebook!



Protein Donuts-

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