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A million tabs open & I think it's time for a nap!

If you saw my Instagram story about 3 minutes ago you will know what I mean. I legit have 15 tabs open and am currently blogging to all of you! Ever feel overwhelmed with everything that you decide to go take a nap? I think this post is my nap.

Last Wednesday, I went to pick up one of the boy's I babysit at Pre-school. The next day I got hired at the pre-school as a Pre-K3 teacher!!!! Get ready for some Pre-k3 tips & tricks being added here.

Ever since last Wednesday I've been opening more and more tabs in my mind and not closing any. Today ( Monday) I've decided to get to work and start working on those tabs. My first point of business was e-mails. I opened the first e-mail and it reminded me I wanted to fix something up on the money making/ affiliate section of my blog. So I went and did that and here I am typing to you.

I don't have much to say & I might be back a little later with a post with a point.

Thank you for reading my rambles.



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